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Family Left Behind

Sandy loved EE. When he was first trained how to share his faith, it so impacted his life that he gave up his business and became a full-time clinic teacher in Indonesia. Sandy usually taught 30 one-week-long leadership training clinics every year, equipping thousands of pastors and Christian leaders in EE. Just a few weeks ago, Sandy was teaching an EE clinic in east Malaysia, at the closing "graduation ceremony", Sandy was preaching from Ephesians chapter 2. As he began to conclude his message, he lost his balance, and fell in front of all the clinicians due to a massive heart attack. He was pronounced dead before being taken to the hospital. All of the leaders attending the clinic made public a unanimous commitment to carry on Sandy's vision and ministry in east Malaysia. We can rejoice that he is now home with Jesus. But he left a wife and family who were sacrificing for Christ while Sandy was away. He will never return.

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