A Message from John Sorensen

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. What are you thinking about this year? What are you thankful for? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I’m encouraged to stop and think about the past year and all God has done. It adds perspective to very busy days. I’m sure you can relate.


As I travel around the world it is apparent that our Thanksgiving holiday is a bit of a mystery to others. While other nations may have added a “Thanksgiving” type holiday, it doesn’t have the same meaning for them. Thanksgiving for us is founded in our country’s beginning. The pilgrims, having come to these shores to gain freedom to worship God, struggled through a horrible winter. Nearly half died that first winter. But they did not give up. They pressed on. Built. Planted and worked the land. As fall descended upon them and their harvest had been gathered, they stopped to reflect on what God had done for them . . . even in the midst of grave difficulty. Their response was to give thanks.


Every day of our lives should be filled with thankfulness to God. Yet, there are members of our EE International family that may have difficulty being thankful this year. They have gone through an extremely difficult year by anyone’s standards. As I thought about how to demonstrate my gratitude to God this year, the thought came that perhaps we should show our thanks by helping these dear friends in their time of great need. I hope you agree. Their stories are here. They are just a few of our brothers and sisters in Christ who serve EE faithfully, but now are in real turmoil.


Will you help me to bless them this year by giving to relieve some of their suffering? A $2,500 gift from the EE family to each of these five families would certainly mean so very much to them and let them know that we are with them, as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is what Thanksgiving is truly all about.


To be able to show this kind of love to five EE families, I need your help raising $12,500 above our normal operating costs for the month of November. I will be traveling to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan. I would love to be able to present these gifts on your behalf while I’m there. Will you help me?


These families have sacrificed for the Lord and are members of the body that need nourishment and to be replenished. They are carrying a heavy burden. In addition to your gift, will you pray for these families as they continue to live daily through such difficult times?

Map of India

Certainly, one thing I’m grateful to God for this year is you. Thank you for being part of the EE family. You really are making a huge difference in the lives of many people around the world: both those that are being trained to witness, and those that are being reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I realize that you too may be struggling with your own difficulties this year. I pray that this Thanksgiving will be a true time of joy for you and your family as you celebrate all that God has done in your life. If you need prayer, please send us your request. Every EE staff member prays each Tuesday for all the prayer requests that we receive during the week. We serve a God who delights in answering the prayers of His children . . . and blessing those in need.


During your Thanksgiving celebration, please help me bless these five families who have sacrificed so much as the result of their faithful service to the Lord. Please respond right away with your compassionate gift so that I can make the presentations in person. I know it will mean so much, and it’s a great way to demonstrate our gratitude to God for all He has done for us. I will get video interviews during my trip and post them on my blog and EE’s Facebook page for you to see after I return!

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