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Thanksgiving Can Change Their Lives

So far, they have spent weeks of sleeping on the ground.

Andy and Wezzie Nyirenda live in Malawi, Africa. He and his wife established an orphanage and have since handed it off to local churches. With their vision, every child that stays in the orphanage gets a roof over its head, a warm bed, nutritious meals, and a large dose of love and care. They also hear the Gospel and get training in Kids’ EE. Now that the orphanage is running smoothly, Andy and Wezzie are ministering to other troubled youth through EE. “My heart is very much touched with the suffering of the children in Chilumba,” Andy says. Andy and Wezzie use the Hope for Kids materials to reach more kids, and rescue kids’ hearts.

Today, Andy, his wife, and their two girls are the ones who need rescuing. On September 18, the area where they live near Lilongwe, was hit by a powerful storm. The storm destroyed the roof on their home and all belongings were soaked. “We’re still sleeping outside,” Andy says. “We have lost a lot but believe that God is in control.”

As they continue to sleep outside, Andy is most concerned about his daughters. “Our worry is mostly for the girls,” he says, “especially for Takondwa, our baby of four months. The nights are cold and the girls are troubled.”

Andy and Wezzie have no watchman to safeguard what remains of their home and the belongings. Andy is staying up to guard their home. “Life is really complicated,” Andy says.

The Nyirenda’s situation is more complicated as rainy season approaches. “Any delays to rebuild will mean more disaster,” Andy explains.

The Nyirenda’s need your help. As do the other EE families highlighted here. They have committed their lives to the Lord and the EE ministry. Your Thanksgiving gift will help lift them out of a season of despair. Thank you.


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