300 Pastors In 10 Regions Of Northern India Will Risk Everything For Christ!

$25,000 by October 31

10 EE clinics that will dramatically impact India

Help bring Christís hope to the millions in India who have no hope. Your gifts will be used to train 300 pastors in 10 clinics and includes these necessary components:

  • Translate EE training materials into 12 different Indian languages to cross the cultural barriers
  • Print and distribute the translated materials to the 10 different regions
  • Help cover the cost of the 300 local pastors willing to travel through their remote regions to the training sessions (this will include necessities like food, shelter, and extra car parts in case of breakdowns and fuel, which are not taken lightly in such out-of-the-way places)
  • Operational costs to support the staff that is managing all of these activities
  • And, to help EE continue its ongoing work
You are in the right place at the right time with the right support to help EE India spread the love and freedom of Jesusí Gospel in places it is desperately needed.

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