300 Pastors In 10 Regions Of Northern India Will Risk Everything For Christ!

Map of India

Northern India: Hard to Reach Physically and Spiritually

Physical challenges


The geographical area of northern India is defined by the colossal
Himalayan Mountains, a vast expanse of desert area, and large areas
of forest cover. Despite such inhospitable terrain, the majority of India’s population lives in villages (70% of the population). Travel can be arduous at best. The terrain is dangerous. The climate can be harsh.
But the EE India team knows these clinics are possible because they know that they have been orchestrated by God. Opportunities this big don’t happen by chance. The team understands the details for travel in such remote areas, and knows exactly how to be successful.


Spiritual challenges


Although India is a melting pot of religious diversification, Hinduism is the dominant religion comprising 80 percent of the population. Christians make up about 2 percent of the population. While the country touts its democracy, it is troubled by a disturbing attack on its supposed religious freedoms. Christians are under assault. This clash of faiths has resulted in conflict and terror in once quiet villages.


A backlash reaction to the Christian church has resulted in numerous anti-conversion laws in several Indian states. Threats, physical abuse, and even death are becoming common against Christians. Reports of village churches being attacked and destroyed continue to be a daily reality throughout the country. New converts to Christianity are cast out from their families and face poverty and ostracism. Our EE India Director and his team understand the importance of spreading the Gospel’s message of true freedom in Christ alone. With him stand 300 pastors ready to be trained with the Gospel and train 3,000 other pastors. With them, you also stand and they need to be empowered.

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