300 Pastors In 10 Regions Of Northern India Will Risk Everything For Christ!

Your Gift is Their Ticket to Training

  • Translate EE training materials into 12 different Indian languages to cross the cultural barriers
  • Print and distribute the translated materials to the 10 different regions
  • Help cover the cost of the 300 local pastors willing to travel through their remote regions to the training sessions (this will include necessities like food, shelter, and extra car parts in case of breakdowns and fuel, which are not taken lightly in such out-of-the-way places)
  • Operational costs to support the staff that is managing all of these activities
  • And, to help EE continue its ongoing work
Consider the life of a pastor in India. Most of them are impoverished. They provide for their family on very little yet fulfill their calling to minister in their villages. They step out in faith relying and trusting in God as their refuge and their strength. They have no money to attend the EE training or even get there. Your gift is their ticket to EE training, and being empowered to train, and witness to others.

The 300 pastors have been identified, are on board, and believe strongly in the vision to reach India with the Gospel. They understand the effectiveness of EE. They are not just a part of the puzzle. They ARE the puzzle to reach India for Christ. They stand ready to go at any cost, knowing the risks. They are living sacrifices who need your help.

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Map of India

EE Gospel demonstration at India clinic