300 Pastors In 10 Regions Of Northern India Will Risk Everything For Christ!

Under Threat of Persecution, EE Staff Perseveres

Our EE staff in India, has a very unique calling. They have been
commissioned by EE to do something extraordinary that we surmise many would not do. EE India, by God’s grace, is going to fearlessly train 300 pastors of house churches in one of the most dangerous, fierce, and geographically difficult areas in the world—northern India. At least 30 pastors from each of these 10 northern regions in India
will learn how to effectively share their Christian faith. They will also receive very specific training on how to shepherd at least 10 other pastors each in their regions to share their own faith. 


That is at least 3,000 pastors that will be armed and ready to effectively share their faith and be witnesses to the strengthening of Christ’s Church in a place touted as “almost impossible to reach.” There is no doubt this strengthening will impact the entire nation! 


These 300 pastors are longing to be trained—and urgently! The 1.21 billion people in India are desperate for an answer of hope and someone needs to provide it—regardless of the cost and real fear of persecution.

These may be the 10 most important clinics EE India ever undertakes. We need $25,000 by October 31 to hold 10 clinics—one in each of the 10 regions of northern India.


Will you please become a financial partner, so that one of the harshest places on earth may become a place where love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ abounds? These pastors are willing to give their lives but they still need you to make this a reality. We need $25,000 by October 31 to schedule these clinics.


Thank you!

Map of India

Your gifts will be used to:

  • Translate EE training materials into 12 different Indian languages to cross the cultural barriers
  • Print and distribute the translated materials to the 10 different regions
  • Help cover the cost of the 300 local pastors willing to travel through their remote regions to the training sessions (this will include necessities like food, shelter, and extra car parts in case of breakdowns and fuel, which are not taken lightly in such out-of-the- way places)
  • Operational costs to support the staff that is managing all of these activities
  • And, to help EE continue its ongoing work

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