300 Pastors In 10 Regions Of Northern India Will Risk Everything For Christ!

Map of India

The Plan Unfolds

The EE India team has set up the details for 10 strategic clinics in northern India that are considered as drawing a high potential threat for persecution.


They understand the logistical challenges and are fully prepared to meet them. EE clinic teachers are in place. The dates of the clinics are locked in. Your gifts will help provide for the necessary and dangerous travel arrangements and other expenses to get these people trained.


Once these 300 pastors are equipped to share their faith and train others, they will extend this training to their network of house church pastors—3,000 of them (or 10 each)! And that is a conservative estimate. They know more pastors and will train more, but their sights are locked in on this initial goal.


Once the 3,000 are trained, they will begin training their congregations as spiritual multiplication soars and filters down to the other Indian states.

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